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Thursday, February 12, 2004
  So, earlier this morning -- at about 2:30 a.m. -- I was taking my lunch hour at work. I'm a night manager for a Wal-Mart neighborhood market and the main reason I stick with the job is that our store comes with two breakrooms -- one for nonsmokers and one for smokers. Say what you will about ignorant bosses, overwork, obnoxious customers, and the constant risk of getting killed in a midnight robbery, Wal-Mart is the only store I've ever worked for that actually goes to the trouble to give it's employees a room to smoke themselves to death in. I used to refer to the Smoking Room as the Suicide Lounge until I realized most of my coworkers were missing the humor and assuming I was planning on killing myself during my next break.

Anyway, I tend to spend my entire lunch hour (though usually it seems to be more of a lunch fifteen minutes) in that smoking room, chainsmoking Camel Filters, trying to write (though this seems to make everyone I work with paranoid -- "You're not writing stuff about me, are you?"), and usually wondering why, oh why, I couldn't have had a vision of this future back when I was nineteen years old and blowing off my freshman year at college. For the most part, my coworkers know better than to bug me whenever I'm in the Suicide Lounge. And in case they forget, I always make sure to keep the room as smokey and hazy and second-hand cancer-producing as humanly possible.

However, this morning , as I smoked and read the Dallas Morning News, I came across an item that slapped me so hard across the face that I was actually compelled to leave my sanctuary and spend ten minutes or so with my fellow night workers.

It was a tiny little story but the headline said it all:


Well, how couldn't that catch my attention? Turned out that a Wal-Mart truck was stopped speeding down interstate 40 in Arkansas. The police decided to open up the trailer and do a quick little search. Well, it turns out the trailer was filled with the usual thousand or so cases of merchandise AND the not-so-usual 600-pounds of cocaine hidden in the very back.

As I stepped out of the Suicide Lounge and I read this item to my coworkers (who laughed about it the whole night and proceeded to tell every single member of the day crew as they arrived three hours later), I couldn't help but notice the sign posted on the breakroom wall.


And now we know why.

Anyway, long story short, the implications of this kept all of us amused for the rest of the night and, as I mentioned, we made sure every single member of the day crew knew all the details. So popular was this story that it eventually made it all the way to Charlie, the store manager and my boss who didn't find it quite as amusing as the rest of us.

As I was heading towards the breakroom to clock out and go home this morning, Charlie paged me to his office. As I closed his door behind me, I couldn't help but notice that 1) Charlie's glare was a little harsher than usual (which, if you've seen Charlie's everyday glare, you wouldn't think possible) and 2) he was holding the exact same copy of the Morning News I'd been reading earlier in his hands.

"Jeffrey," he started and this is always a bad sign, when he calls me Jeffrey (actually, when he speaks to me period is a bad sign, calling me Jeffrey is an apocalyptic emergency), "I do not want the night crew reading the newspaper during their lunch anymore."

"Uh," I said, "sure thing, Charlie. I'll keep them isolated from world events from now on--"

"And," he interrupted me before I could be a smartass, "I don't want you reading to them anymore, either."

"Right," I nodded, "no more reading at all. We will run an illiterate shift."

"That is," and I swear this was actually said, "what we are paying you for, Jeffrey."

So, apparently, at my store Big Brother is watching you. And unfortunately, that big brother is me. 
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