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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
  Every four years or so, both the official, sanctioned political junkies who make up the mass media and the unofficial, self-apointed political junkies that include people like myself collaborate in an attempt to commit a massive fraud by convincing the rest of America that there is actually some sort of suspense involved in the race for the Republican and Democratic Presidential nominations. Whether it's raving about John McCain, overestimating the electoral appeal of H. Ross Perot, or wringing our hands nervously over the implications of Pat Buchanan, in the end, it's all an attempt to fool ourselves into believing that the unexpected could actually happen and that we haven't just wasted the last few years of our lives endlessly speculating over something that is essentially decided the minute the people of New Hampshire cast their first ballots.

This is why, every four years, we start to talk about how none of the various Democratic (and, occasionally, Republican) nominees will possibly be able to win enough delegates to win the nomination outright. Obviously, we say with a good deal of smugness, this year will see a political convention that features not a coronation but a contest -- a multi-ballot struggle between candidates blessed with both strengths and weaknesses, a true battle for the heart and soul of their party. Why it will probably be such chaos, and we're only warning the faint-hearted here so they'll be properly prepared, that the nomination will probably go to so compromise candidates who didn't even run in the primaries, so respected elder statesman who will step in to save the party and, of course, the nation. Yep, believe it or not, when November comes around, loyal Democrats might find themselves casting their ballot not for any of the current strawmen running but instead for someone like Sam Nunn or Joe Biden or Gary Hart or...

Yeah, this scenario gets trotted out and sold as an unavoidable future every four years. We do this despite the fact that it's been over fifty years since more than one ballot was needed to nominate a Presidential candidate at either of the two major party's conventions. We do this despite the fact that the whole primary system has been obsessively tooled and retooled to make this result an impossibility. Party leaders aren't stupid and they know that, as much fun as a brokered convention would be too watch, it would probably also be disasterous for the party in question. By that same token, they also know that the compromise candidate wouldn't be some mythical guy on a white horse but instead some party hack who was a good enough deal maker to make friends without being intelligent enough to make any enemies. Even if the Democrats did find themselves hopelessly deadlocked between Kerry, Edwards, and presumably Dean, the end result would much more likely be not Sam Nunn but Jay Rockefeller.

But, still, we insist on promoting this myth as a real possibility because, quite frankly, without all of these myths and the outrageous hypotheticals, the nomination season would end up standing naked and exposed as the coronation it is and all the political junkies (like you and me) would end up looking pretty stupid for giving a damn in the first place.

With all that in mind, what to make of the results of the Wisconsin Primary? Well, Kerry won. He was supposed to win, right? He's won just about everything so far. However, and this is where the imagination starts to go wild, he didn't win in a landslide. Instead, he achieved only a narrow victory over John Edwards. What does this mean? Well, it probably means that -- with Clark, Lieberman, and Gephardt out of the race and Dean continuing to act like a lunatic and Kucinich and Sharpton descending further into parody -- the Democrats who don't care much for Kerry are running out of other candidates to vote for. It probably means that, whereas in the past he's had to split his votes with two or three other candidates, Edwards is now the only serious anti-Kerry candidate left.

It doesn't mean -- regardless of what they're saying on any of the cable news networks right now -- that Edwards is poised to overtake Kerry, that Kerry's front runner status is about to tumble, or that the Democratic Presidential nominee will be anyone other than John Kerry.

Still, it's always fun to pretend, isn't it? 
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