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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
  As goes Wes Clark, so goes Howard Dean.

Actually, it's incorrect to say that Howard Dean has ended his campaign. Technically, he suspended it. His name will remain on upcoming primary ballots and, even as he was conceding, he asked his supporters to vote for him in the upcoming primaries in order to assure that that convention would be filled with "progressive delegates." Of course, should Kerry falter, these "progressive delegates" might be willing to cast their ballots for Howard Dean (or help to make Dean a power broker should the convention end up deadlocked) but that's really neither here nor there, right, Doc? All for the people, right? Yeah, whatever, Howard. How much of your obviously sincere supporter's money did you blow just so you could make a complete fool out of both yourself and them when you lost in Iowa?

Anyway, as far as quasi-concession speeches go, Dr. Dean's speech wasn't extremely memorable but, at the same time, he didn't descend into the depths of poor-wonderful-misunderstood-underappreciated-me pathos that has come to dominate so much of Democratic oratory since the Clinton years. He rehashed all the typical buzzwords used by flakes of the Leftist persuasion -- "grassroots," "extreme right-wing agenda," "progressive," and of course "Vermont," but those of us expecting him to turn into some sort of a liberal version of 1988's version of Bob Dole were disappointed except for one bizarre comment he made about New Hampshire -- the content of which was so bizarre that I can't even quote it here (though the gist of it seemed to be that Vermont rules and New Hampshire sucks) -- which Dean quickly followed up with a somewhat sarcastic-sounding, "Wait a minute. We did pretty good in New Hampshire..." For just a few brief seconds, you could hear the undercurrent of a self-righteous threat in his voice and you were reminded of the Howard Dean who practically promised to nuke Iowa off the face of the Earth following the caucuses.

So, now Dean's gone and everyone can really play the "What-the-FUCK-happened!?" game in earnest. The answer, I think, was in Dean's concession speech. Dean said that a large part of his campaign was based on the idea that the rest of America should be more like Vermont. What Dr. Dean didn't seem to realize is that just as everybody above Oklahoma despises Texas, everybody below Maryland loathes Vermont.

To quote Joe Queenan, "Fuck Vermont. I've always wanted to say that."  
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